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Top Seven Fun Things to Do in Rainy Day Beijing

Bushra Jawaid
Bushra Jawaid Oct 09 5 min read
Top Seven Fun Things to Do in Rainy Day Beijing

It seldomly rains in Beijing, but when it rains, it pours. Some people like to spend these rainy days at home watching from their windows and enjoying the amazing smell, but your options are not just limited to being trapped at home up all day. Beijing is just as thrilling in the rain as it is on a normal sunny day. Whether you prefer to stay home, embrace the damp, or find a balance in between, a little rain never hurts. 

Go to a museum and get cultured

Undoubtedly, China is a country with a very rich and vibrant culture and a particularly vast history. Beijing being the country’s epicenter is the perfect place to see many facets of Chinese culture on display. Beijing is blessed with so many museums that are just waiting to be discovered and explored. Every museum in China is a hereditary treasure protecting Chinese civilization and when it's pouring outside there’s no better option but to visit a museum like the National Museum which is also known as the world’s largest renowned treasury and experience its extensive collection. Believe me, you do not want to miss out on a chance to get amazed. 

Disappear in a cinema 

The movie scene in Beijing is now as better as its ever been. China since it has started to expand imports from Hollywood the film industry is growing rapidly. There’s nothing better than getting disappeared and involved while watching a movie in your own comfort. Catch the latest movies be it Hollywood or Chinese at Beijing’s top cinemas such as Megabox or UME. If you’re up to a more unique and exhilarating experience you can also visit Sinker pictures in Sanlitun. Where you can even get cocktails and enjoy their art-house followed by a delicious dinner. 

Don’t order in, visit a restaurant

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean that you have to sit at home and order something, you can obviously visit an amazing restaurant. While being in Beijing, one doesn’t have to worry about some fine and lavish food. Beijing has the world’s most top-class restaurants and food. When we talk about rain, we talk about chilly weather. The chilly weather gives a craving for very comfortable food and Luckily Beijing has tons of restaurants and food spots scattered like Hotpot and its branches which guarantee such satisfying and comfortable food that you’d rather go for a nap afterward.

Go shopping

Visiting a mall is truly one of the best options when it’s raining cats and dogs outside. Beijing’s largest malls like Wangfucing’s APM, Chaoyang Park’s Solana, or Sanlitun’s Taikooli, they have all the stores and brands a shopaholic could ever look for. Visiting a mall is a safe haven for shopaholics in the cold chilly weather. All the malls in Beijing also have dining options, you can also shop and dine in at the same time. While in Beijing, you’re never out of options.

Pamper yourself and book a spa day

Why let rainy days get in the way of your comfort. Why not pamper yourself instead and book a spa day and treat yourself with Beijing’s most relaxing places. Whether you need a spa, services like facial or waxing or just a massage, Beijing has some of the most soothing places. The Opposite House’s Kocoon offers shiny designs with greenery, as well as a complete list of treatments, waxing, and meditation classes. You can have a cup of coffee or tea while you relax and get your services or treatments done. Beijing is a fine and peaceful city. Being the capital of China, It enjoys the luxury of being very extravagant. 

Shop till you drop for souvenirs in Beijing

Beijing has the best and biggest markets. Many of which are covered and will shield you from the pouring rain outside. Why not make use of a rainy chilling day to stock up on souvenirs to take home to your family and your circle of friends. Panjiayuan is one of the country’s most eminent antique markets. You can find anything here, by anything I literally mean anything. from ceramics, statues, furniture, paintings, jewelry, and much more. 

Embrace the rain

Why mind getting wet in the rain? Who doesn’t enjoy the amazing weather and the smell and the tiny droplets of rain falling down on your face? Get your little child out of you and embrace the rain. Beijing is such a beautiful country with some of the most beautiful parks and greenery. What more can one want? 

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