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The Wonders Of China To Visit Essentially This Year

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The Wonders Of China To Visit Essentially This Year

The Great Wall, the Forbidden City or the Temple of Heaven is some of the essential visits on any trip to China. But in such a huge and diverse country it is not easy to choose between the most relevant and attractive. Here are collected what the wonders of essential visit in China are.

Mao's cartel marks access to the Forbidden City through its south gate.

The Forbidden City Of Beijing:

This immense succession of palaces, pavilions, gardens and squares has been for more than 500 years the residence of the Chinese imperial court and its servers, in a territory, protected by large moat and a wall of 10 meters high, which was banned from the rest of the population until the fall of the last emperor last century, hence its name of Forbidden City. 

To be able to visit and contemplate its most prominent places you need around half a day since it has a length of practically one kilometer from its southern entrance, in the famous Tiananmen Square, to the north entrance, known as the Gate of Divine Power, while the width is around 750 meters.

The Forbidden City is an essential visit: The Forbidden City is the most visited place in China and although it has suffered several fires throughout its history that have seriously affected its wooden buildings, it has been faithfully rebuilt and preserves the essences of imperial Chinese architecture, with palaces, pavilions and landscaped areas really impressive. 

He has also been the victim of robberies and looting, which results in a shortage of furniture and historic art objects. Virtually almost all of the decorative objects and valuable furniture are preserved in the Hall of Longevity.

The Forbidden City is a succession of great palaces, pavilions and gardens.

You cannot miss the Forbidden City gardens and recreation areas, all located in the northern part. Nor is the panel of the 9 dragons, a 30-meter-long mosaic made of glazed ceramic pieces of beautiful color. 

If you want to get a beautiful view of the whole of the Forbidden City you have to go out through the north gate, that of the Divine Power, and climb a small hill located in the adjoining park, called Jingshan, from where the view is beautiful as long as the Beijing's atmosphere is not clouded by the contaminating fog that often seriously hinders visibility. The cost of admission to the Forbidden City is 60 Yuan, about 9 euros.

Overview of the Forbidden City from the hill of an adjoining park: The Great Wall Of China: It is the most famous defensive construction in the world, to which the well-known bulo contributed that it is the only human building visible from space, an authentic Chinese tale, never better said. 

What is certain is its condition of being the longest building of all time, with a length that approximates 9,000 kilometers, although currently only about a third part survives, with some much-deteriorated sections. Its tourist impact is such that it has been chosen as one of the seven new wonders of the world and was declared a World Heritage Site in 1987.

The Great Wall in the Badaling sector:

The Great Wall extends from the border with Korea to the Gobi desert, near Mongolia. Its construction covers a period of more than a millennium, from the 5th to the 16th century, and its objective was to defend the country from invasions by outside tribes, especially the Mongols. 

The Chinese authorities have rehabilitated several visited sections that give an idea of ​​the strength of this fortification, with an average height of about seven meters and a width of five. The best known of them all is that of Badaling, located about 80 kilometers from Beijing, invaded by tourists practically every day of the year, even in the middle of winter.

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