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Is Chinese Tourism Attracting Foreign Visitors?

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Is Chinese Tourism Attracting Foreign Visitors?

When we talk about a powerful country, we all know that power is basically traditionally discussed in terms of affecting outcomes within the international system through either threats or coercion. 

And how one country boasts its international image and leverages it to persuade other people to support the image that they have built. 

As China is progressively growing and continuously evolving, motivating others to support their interests is equally significant.

China as a Global Tourist Destination

China has worked and invested a lot in its tourism industry for the sole purpose of both increasing its revenue by ten folds and enhance its international image. In 2108, It is believed that China received many visitors, approximately 159 million people who traveled to China

China is a county that has a long, unique, and exciting history. Because of its abundant tourist attractions, more foreign tourists are experiencing China as an ideal tourist destination. Tourism in China has boomed and evolved. It is therefore believed that an increase in foreign tourists is expected in the coming years. 

The Good Tourism Environment in China

Along with developing the right tourism environment, China has invested large sums in tourism infrastructure, auspicious visa policies, and a safer environment. Presently and for the coming years, China has successfully become the No. 1 tourist destination for international tourism and foreign visitors if Hong Kong is included.

Well-Funded Tourism Infrastructure

High-speed Train 

For much better and convenient transportation, China has invested billions of yuan not to face any kind of inconvenience while traveling. 

It is incredibly accessible by airplanes, ships, and trains worldwide. There are numerous convenient ways to travel between cities and one place to another in China, such as plane, high-speed train, ship, and long-distance bus on smooth expressways. 

There are many metropolitan transportation options. That does not travel as hectic as it can be. You can easily take a subway train, bus, taxi, or even a shared bike. 

High-quality Hotels and Restaurants

Chinese food is famous all around the world, and it has some high-quality hotels and restaurants. Now that tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries in China, hotels to stay and restaurants improve their standards and facilities to that of international standards. Most notably in the major and the most populous cities. 

Just like hotels, Restaurants are also improving their standards. They are promoting English menus so that all understand them. Much more comfortable dining environments and have added more variety to their dishes that are offered. 

The attractions in China also have better infrastructure because the Chinese government has invested billions in improving the infrastructure for tourism purposes. In China, the famous attractions are divided into five levels and are rated according to their quality that they offer. The highest level that being suggested and ranked as AAAAA (5A). Today, China has a good 259 attractions with a level of 5A. 

A 5A scenic spot should have extraordinary parking facilities and appropriate access, sparkling and tidy tourist toilets, and most should have Western-style toilets. So that they are accepted worldwide, it should have proper access to professional guides and an orderly management system that caters to all the needs of its visitors.

Favorable Visa Policies

As China is gradually becoming more popular as a travel destination for foreigners, the entry and travel regulations that are implied are also not so tight and are relaxing:

  • 24, 72, and 144-Hour Visa-Free Transit
  • Visa-Free Policies in Hong Kong, Macau, and Hainan which is an excellent chance to visit
  • 15-Day Visa-Free Policy in Shanghai for Cruise Groups

Safe Environment

China is a very hospitable country and is known to be a very safe country to travel around. Mose Chinese people that you would encounter would be very friendly, honest, and trustworthy. In countries with the most popular attractions and historical landmarks, many young people can speak in English so you can easily have simple conversations. 

Continued Tourism Growth in China

In the year 2018, since China has genuinely opened its gate to tourism, the total contribution of tourism to China's GDP was 9.94 trillion yuan, accounting for 11.04% of the real GDP that it gains. The number of inbound tourists reached upto 141.2 million, which meant an increase of 1.2% over the same period the previous year.

Most foreign tourists tend to shape their visits to the coastal cities and some inland areas, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, Chengdu, Yunnan, and Xi'an.

As China's inland and western provinces continue to develop, foreign and domestic tourism, there is also immensely increasing. Places like Zhangjiajie are charming and drawing more foreign tourists.

The Best Times to Travel in China

China is a country that has all four seasons, and whatever time that you decide and is feasible for you to visit, you will always have a wide variety of options to see. China has different aspects and shows different faces in all four seasons. 

However, the best time to visit China can be said to be in spring (April-May) and autumn ((September–October), when most of the famous places and tourist attractions have their most tourism-friendly weather that is suitable for all.

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