Some Surprisingly Interesting Facts about the Chinese People That You Might Be Unaware Of

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With more than 1.4 billion people, China is known to be one of the largest countries in the world and it is also widely populated. The country is diverse and China holds the world record for having the largest population on Earth.

This country is filled with so many interesting facts that could never end. From its traditional, ancient old civilization, to its breathtaking sites, distinctive culture and unique traditions.

When you first think of visiting and exploring China, you most possibly think of its delicious and famous food, the historical and beautiful sights, and the history that it preserves.

Together with all of these things, you'll find the Chinese people are as warm and welcoming and what truly make this one of the most interesting countries to visit in the world.

Close friendships in China are earned over time, and if you are worried about the cultural divide in your very first visit to China then that’s not a problem at all. With our useful guide, we will make sure that you fit in, expand your social circle, and get to know the beautiful Chinese people.

Family Comes First In All Aspects

If we consider the Western culture, if you meet an adult who still lives with their parents you may actually give a second thought and your mind would automatically start making negative assumptions about the kind of lifestyle that they have.

But in China, family plays a major role in an individual’s life and close family ties are very common and turn out to be even more positive.

Family member often live in one home and that is the lifestyle that is adopted by many individuals that are involved.

Respect is a key factor here in China and close family relationships with the elderly and children are the custom here in China. Which is quite opposed to the more individualized approach in the west.

Keeping this factor in mind may help you a lot in knowing the values that your new Chinese friends hold and who might be present there in their homes when they invite you for dinner.

Stereotypes About China

While we all know that the stereotypes are based on wrong beliefs that are made are often false. In case of Chinese people, they are usually casted in a bad light. But if you travel to China, you would definitely change your mind and you will see beyond what you have been hearing about them when you experience it first hand and see for yourself.

Just like that, even Chinese people have a lot of stereotypes about the people that are based in the west and this might also have an effect on your relationship with them. For instance, most Chinese people believe that all Westerners are very rich, or they rather own a gun or even eat a lot of hamburgers.

It might be important for you to keep this in mind as you plan to travel and be prepared to be treated like royals during your travels.

Health Is the Main Motivator

If you want to understand a certain person then it is important that you be aware of what they and why they do what they do. Chinese people have some of the most confusing behaviors when it comes to health because of their traditional beliefs.

You may find it a lot confusing and harder to understand why your Chinese guide wears a thick coat on the type of day you might fancy a light jacket. Or you will probably be surprised why the host at your favored local restaurant presented you with a hot water in the middle of the summer season.

These and many other confusing behaviors have a reason behind it and that is because of the traditional medicine views about hot and cold temperatures in the body which may cause illnesses. The Chinese will supposedly more frequently wear winter layers for a much prevailed time than foreigners consider suitable to protect themselves from the winter chill. Similarly, hot water is assumed to be the healthy option considered even in the scorching heat of summer.

Chinese People Can Remember Wars That Go Way Back

In the west, we've experienced many changes that came in the last 50 years. But as history will show you, the changes that took place in the west are poles apart from that of China and are hugely different than the changes China has foreseen.

World War 2 was upsetting experience to the Chinese mainland, as millions of Chinese and Japanese died there during the war. In addition to this, China endured another civil war instantly afterward, and many Chinese people also came out to fight and as a result sacrificed their life in the Korean War.

Even though China has now been at peace for several decades, simply defending their country and their own strength is still a major priority of both the government and its people.

Travelling back into time and remembering the past will be quite helpful if you ever sit to discuss politics or history with a fellow Chinese friend. Their current history gives those unique values and some major concerns when they talk about the government and what place does China possesses in the world.   

Personal Space Is Much Smaller In China As Compared To the West

You may find it very hard to find any type of personal space in China and the blame lies on the collectivist society and urban expansion. Regardless of all these situations, Chinese people are more comfortable in tight spaces. Even if it’s a packed and a crowded metro car, or enjoying a mere conversation in with a friend over a cup of coffee.

This can be quite uncomfortable for most of the people as if you bump into a particular person, you might then feel sorry and feel the need to apologize afterwards. But in China bumping into each other is so common that they not even find the need to acknowledge it.

Just to remind you that this isn’t a sign of rudeness. Instead this is only a part of their culture that is adapted to the way that their unique culture has developed and progressed.

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